Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I love you in gold & silver



Well, here goes my first card! I just love this one. It’s very simple, but still conveys the message!!! Haha! I used gold heart shapes and gold outline to give it a glamorous look! I always try to make my designs very simple. The words are written using a gold pen and just in case if you were wondering whether the words can be customized, yes you can!! If you wish to include the name of your lover, “ I love you john” etc.

The other card, I did it in silver, just for the people who don’t like gold… he he he!! You know some people just don’t like gold, they don’t like to wear gold jewellery and stuff. So here goes a silver card for you guys!! If there’s anyone who doesn’t like either gold or silver.. I don’t know what to do!! He he may be I‘ll try to add some other color later.

Both of these cards come with a white envelope, with a gold or silver line. So if you like this one, you know what to do!!!! He he!

CARD CODES: Gold - VC001G, Silver - VC001S

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