Monday, March 26, 2012

Graduation Card


For the first time I did a graduation card!! Well I got graduated lately, and so did my friends... So I did this for a friend actually... The color of the card is something that I have never used before.. which was sitting sadly with other cardstock....!1hehe So I decided that today is ur lucky day..brown card and idi something with that...!! finding the colors that goes with a color like this a little hard... Cos I can't have all the colors that I want to have !! hmm

it's a very simple design... no pop ups.. instead i did the greeting inside the card...well that;s it for today...!!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Quilling just got a lot easier!!

YAY!! I’m sooo happy nowadays!! Cos I finally found what I was looking for a long time!! And that’s A PAPER SHREDDER!! You have no idea how valuable it is for me!!! Well if you are a Quiller you sure do!!

For those who don’t know what a paper shredder is, let me explain it to you!! Paper shredder is actually used for destroying paper, but here, we quillers use it to cut strips for quilling. It’s really interesting to see that, something that is used  for destruction can be used for construction!! This shredder actually trims paper in to thin strips,  therefore it’s perfect to cut paper strips for our quilling projects. 

 Until now, I used a metal ruler and a paper cutter to cut strips! Which is a very very boring n tiring process indeed! The pains in my arms after cutting lots of strips! First I have to mark strips of 3mm wide, then cut them. vry time consuming process, too! Phew! Well, goodbye to those days now, cos I got my new baby in my arms…hehehe!!
This one is a mini hand paper shredder, because it is powered manually, it cuts strips of 3mm length , which is the perfect size for quilling strips. I still have to cut my A4 size papers in half to feed the cutter, as it only accept 123mm wide papers.

I actually found it in the stationary shop that I usually shop for supplies. It was in a corner in the shop in a part where I never looked, because that’s where toys and school bags ..sort of things are.. So I never took an interest to go there.. well, it just might have been sitting on the shelf all along! Well, better late than never! I was so happy to see this hand shredder, and wanted it so badly, no matter what the price was!! Haha , and luckily for me it wasn’t very expensive. And I also found this circles template, which can be a great help when quilling flowers, so that you can create petals of the same size. 

So quilling just got a lot easier for me!! I’ve been hoping to do some new quilling projects lately, and found this baby just in time…  they are gonna require lots of strips.. so time to do some serious quilling!!!! 

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