Customization, Prices & Ordering

Feel free to browse through the blog to check all the card designs or just click on the category of the cards that you are looking for under “Labels”.  Note down carefully the codes of the cards that you wish to purchase.

Customization is available for most of the cards. Please read the description below of each card to see if it can be customized.
  •          The inscriptions on the front of the cards can be changed. (e.g. if you like the birthday card design that I have done but want it to be “Happy Anniversary ” instead of “Happy Birthday” )

  •         Also the names of your loved ones can be written on the front of the card. (e.g. “Happy Birthday Peter”,”Thank you Jane” etc.)

The inside of the cards will always be left blank to write your own personal message.

Prices & Ordering
You can contact me at this email address to inquire about my cards, prices and also to order.
If you wish to inquire about the prices of the cards, please email me the card codes that you wish to purchase and kindly indicate whether you are a customer residing in Sri Lanka or not.
If you wish to place an order email me at the above address with the following information,
  •         Your full name and the complete mailing address that the packages should be delivered to. (Please make sure that your mailing address is correct)
*Please note that all packages will be posted and I will not be responsible for any loss of packages and delays during postal. If any package is returned back to me due to incomplete mailing address you will be charged back the delivery fee (with an additional fee) again to post it back to you! So please make sure your mailing address is correct to the last letter!!!
  •          Your phone number

  •           The codes of the cards that you wish to purchase. (Please make sure the card codes are       correct) e.g. VC001A

  •          The quantity of cards that you wish to purchase of one design. (Maximum number of cards for one design is 2, and the maximum of total number of cards per one order is 5)
                 E.g. VC001A - one card
                         BC005B – one card

  •          The inscriptions that you want to be written on the front of the card.

  •          The payment method you prefer.

*I assure you that any of your information will NOT be given to any third party.
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