Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Flower garden 2


Well, this flower garden is a little small than the one I did before.. well, let’s just say that my flower garden is still growing.. he he… This time I decided to include a ladybug, instead of a butterfly! Hope it won’t eat my flowers… other wise nothing will be left on the card!! Hehehe……
I used dark colors for the flowers like dark red, dark orange and yellow but the leaves are just the same like previous one. I wanted the flowers to look like tulips..so I turned the teardrop shape upside down. I do hope it looks like tulips!!!! Hehehe..if not just imagine some kind of flower of this shape…!! The wordings are written in gold with black outline. Customization is available as there’s plenty of space for wordings. The envelope is padded and red in color… also another ladybug is spotted on the front of the envelope.. so beware cos it might eat the address too… he he he ….

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