Thursday, July 14, 2011

Quilled heart in Red and Pink...


This is one of my favorite and most time consuming card actually!!! Yup but I do love it ..Worth all the time spent making it….!! It’s a love theme card and a birthday card, an order for a friend’s boyfriend actually… This is also a kind a two tone card… with pink and red!! Getting all the loose coils and heart shape has been such a tough job! And then I did a little pop up inside with a cute little “I love u” note and two hearts… the hearts indicate the couple actually … the boy with a bow and the girl with a flower on her head! The pink ribbon that’s running on the front of card is holding the love u note and the hearts!   
The envelope is in red and padded to protect the quilled shapes.. the card can be customized…


Friday, July 1, 2011

My first Blog Give away!!!!!

Hello folks!!! Today I'm in a very good mood!!! That's because I got my exam results with flying colors!!! Well to celebrate that, my 1st blog anniversary, and my upcoming birthday in August  .. I have decided to host a Blog giveaway!!! I've always wanted to host a blog giveaway!!! and here goes my first one!!! yup!!
Well guess what I'm giving away... This beautiful blue color card's actually done using blue and white only!! I'm hoping to do this card with other colors too using only two tones...

The prize...

So I’m giving this card totally free to the winner of my first blog giveaway!! So what do u need to do in order to participate my giveaway?? Well simply follow the following rules and that all….
  1.   Click the “Follow” button to be a follower of my site. ( you will earn one entry for this )
  2.  Then post a comment to this post, with your name and valid email address.  If you are already a follower then post a comment with above details.
  1. Be a follower and then you need to write something about my blog giveaway along with the above picture and provide a link to my blog in your respective blog. Post the above photo with a little description and don’t forget to link the photo to my blog. (you will get 2 entries for this) 
  2.  Then remember to post a comment to this post with a link to your blog, your name and a valid email address, so that I can check If u have done the above steps and you will be a participant then.
    That’s all! And viola! You might just win the prize!! coz I will be choosing one lucky winner from the lot randomly!!!  The closing date is July 31st… so hurry up! ! !

    P.S. :  Please remember I will only consider the people who post comments to this post... the current followers are not eligible for the giveaway unless they post a comment here.

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