Sunday, June 13, 2010

Taking a break...

      Hello guys... I will be taking a little break from crafts...!! As the exams are on the way at university... and I got a lot to study nowadays.. so I'm very busy at the moment..! So, I'm not taking any orders for a while!! I won't be available for about a month!! 
       Actually no crafty ideas come to mind these days.. coz it's filled with Physics, Maths and Statistics!!! hahaha! yeah... I don't have time to create any cards or new designs now... Mind needs to be free to wander into new ideas !! Really... when something bugs you in your mind... it's difficulty concentrate abut these things.  So, I will not be posting new designs for a while ... However after the exam we are to be given a looong vacation!!! hahaha!! Can't wait for that!! And I have some huge plans for the vacation!! About my crafts of course .... I hope to step into experimenting new ideas and create more and more quiilled designs!! Yeah!! Got some ideas now... but gonna need time to put those thoughts into action!! So.. hope to be back soon... Till then....!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Birthday


  Here goes another Birthday card!! This is the same design of HC003A but with a different color theme... I made this for an order... For a friend of send it to her lover.. That's why I used Red theme to design this card... !! The title is written in Red glittering pen...!! The card is yellow in color...
Actually I made this card a little while ago!! But couldn't post it here otherwise the receiver would see it!! So I had to wait till the surprise is over!!!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hearts Birthday Card


This is my favorite card from now on... I just love this design!! I made this for an order that I got from a friend. This is for her lover's birthday and she told me to do any design I like!! So I thought why make the same designs over and over again .. I tried something new..something involves quilling of course...!!! Since it's for a lover I used these pretty little heart shapes... to create the flower and added some falling colorful hearts,too!! I used a red card.. too emphasis love again ....:)  I think this is the best design I ever made!1 Cos it's so simple..yet so beautiful ... My friend was excited when I gave to her!! I just couldn't part with this... but what to do...!:) I had to give it to her!! :)  This card comes with a red padded envelope! Customization available. You can send this even on Mothers day or Happy Anniversary...or what ever... There's plenty of space on sides to write on. I'm terribly sorry about the photographs . I'm still looking for better places to take photos at my home..


Happy Birthday Bro


I just love this card....!! I made it for my brother cos his birthday is coming up!! This is something quite different from what I've been doing lately. I used black cards for the first time here.. and decorated it with this beautiful silver code!! I made (bake) the cake with flowers, piece of a gold linen ribbon and 3D glitter!! I made the candles with strips of yellow paper and quilling!!! I cant get out of quilling! I just have to use it somewhere in the card! :) he he ... Then to bring in the confetti i used scraps of colored paper... The title is written using black out liner and silver pen... The envelope is soft yellow designed with the same piece of silver code.  Yes! Customization is available.... Just let me know how you want it!!!




This is a love theme card and can be given to any occasion involving your lover!!! Send it on Valentine day or just to say that you love that special person!! The heart is created using quilled roses and they are metallic pink in color. I love this little rose ! It's not that hard to make this flower once you got used to the technique!!!  No customization for this card... The card comes with a padded envelope which is yellow in color. I used a piece of ribbon to decorate it.


Another Flower basket card


This is the same design of HC001O I made this one for my best friend!!! It was her birthday yesterday !! I wanted to send her something extra special!! She is not familiar with my work .. so this will be a surprise for her!!However if you are interested in this card. do let me know!!!


Happy Birthday Sis


Here hoes another design of HC00A!! Actually the design is the same but the I used yellow for the background instead of white.. Actually I made this for a friend of mine.. and she wanted to have a yellow background!! customization is available for this card. You can have the title as Happy Anniversary, or Happy mothers day... whatever you say it I add it!!!:) Padded envelope comes in yellow.


My crafty week!!!

The craft week!! Yes I spent the whole last week making greeting cards!! I got some orders from my close friends! S o I wanted to make them extra special! he he :) I also did some new designs too... I n the first photo you can see my messy crafty table... yup the place where all these great designs come to alive!!!! I was doing a Happy birthday card for a sister of my friend!!! She was interested in my HC003A design and wanted to have some changes... The last photo shows my quilled roses!! Sorry photograph is not that great!! Cos they are all metallic color roses and when they got hit by light they tend to sparkle!!
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