Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Flower Basket




I just love this card!! It’s one of the best I ever did!!! I‘ve been practicing quilling for some time and here goes the result!! I used metallic orange color for the quilted flowers. The basket is made from handmade paper made by me!! Yup!! I’ve made some handmade paper some time back, and intend to do it more when I got time! Anyway that’s a whole another story!

So about the basket… ya it’s colored in metallic bronze with a gold outline. I used a piece of orange ribbon to tie a bow on the basket. I’ve been dying to use the new embossing color I bought recently…he he… which is “ice sparkle”!! So I used it here to outline the wordings!! I think it looks beautiful… I also made this card in other color types, yellow and red. Unfortunately I don’t have pink cardstock for red color theme, so I had to use white.. but I think it looks ok!! Doesn’t’ it???

All the 3 types come with a matching envelope in yellow, pink and orange with matching ribbons. Customization is available for this card.. you can have the name of the receiver on the card.. or if you wish, the title can be changed into Thank you, Get well soon, Congratulations,…whatever.. but however it depends on the space left for the inscriptions!!

CARD CODES: Orange theme - HC001O , Yellow theme - HC001Y , Red theme - HC001R


  1. hi i like ur cards and i also making card but with simple cards sheet plz u tell me what is the name of sheet?

  2. hey .. mm even I dont know the names.. i usually check the material and if it feels good i buy it....!


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