Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lin's Giveaway..

Click the above photo to check out this cool giveaway.. my dear friend Lin is  giving away 7 cards to 7 winners...!! Isn't that cool... Hope I'll be a winner this time!!! I love her cards!!

The cards shown in the photo will be given.. and the rules on how to participate is given in her blog...:)

Spiral roses..or lotus!!!

I've been enjoying making spiral roses for the last couple of days... However I'd rather call them "Lotus"!!! Coz it looks like lotus to me!! he he he...  Making  this type of flower is not hard.. and the best thing is.. you don't have to cut stripes.. which I hate the most!! Wish I had a paper shredder...:(

Anyway I'm hoping to do some designs with this flower.. I already made one greeting card... I couldn't take the photographs coz  when I finished it..it was already evening.. So, Ill do that later... how ever you have to get this flower as flat as possible.. otherwise the height of the flower will be too much and it would be very difficult to insert the card into an envelope...!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Quilled Flower Card


 Hello there.. here I am again... I'm really sorry that it took me this long to post something new!! I promised you that new designs are on the way.. Well, I got terribly sick just as the vacation started.:(  So I couldn't do anything for about a week... Anyway, I'm better now and hope to get on with crafting..

So let's get back to the design above.. This is a custom order for a good friend of mine and she wanted it for her brother.. I was given full power to any kind of design that I like...

I used this metallic blue color card.. Added a piece of soft purple color paper..with a silver code... I love these codes!!! I have more of this code in another colors.. and hope to do more designs with them... Then I added this quilled flower with a stem and a leaf.. Also added some soft blue color spirals... The greeting is written in silver.. There's a piece of soft purple color paper inside to write your wishes... The padded envelope comes in the same soft blue color... And YES this card is customizable!! As you can see there's plenty of space to write at sides!! So, if you are interested please let me know....!!!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back again....

Hi guys... Well, the exams are over...:) What a relief!!! he he ... anyway.. that means I 've got loads of time to do crafts... Well, I just got the mess in my room sorted out... hehe.. ya it was such a mess that I couldn't even find my craft knife.. yeah... however i found it in my box of ribbon!! wonder how it end up there...!! So now everything is ordered and in place.. and I can finally start my favorite hobby crafting... !! I have some ideas going  through my mind.. now it's time to put them  into action!! Also as I said earlier I hope to experiment some new ideas... I haven't made any new designs yet..
However I'm having a bit of a problem... Well, my internet connection is very slow... so uploading images has become a problem.. but however I'll try to post them here as soon as I get them done....!!
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