Saturday, December 24, 2011

Birds in love....


 Merry Christmas everyone!!! Hope all of u guys are having a great time and enjoying the christmas!!. I don't have any designs for the Christmas though! Sorry guys had no time to do one. Anyway i want to share with you this couple of birds in love!!!

 So, this is a wedding anniversary card. This card is a fully designed card, both inside and outside. I usually do a complete design on the front of the card and use a simple pop up inside. But this time I created two scenes both on the outside and the inside. On the front you can see couple of birds in a swing. The couple is so madly in love!!! Hehehe… well I think that’s what marriage is about!! My client wanted a card for their 2nd wedding anniversary; it’s for her husband of course. So the idea that kept running in my head was “a couple madly in love”…heehe.. So instead of a human couple I chose a bird couple!! 

On the inside I created a night scene with the two birds in love, the boy bird is holding a rose in his beak and the girly one which is wearing a white ribbon is singing “it’s our 2nd wedding anniversary…” hehe…. I used this dark blue color for the background, with a few silver stars and clouds with a glittering moon! 

On the front instead of using green for leaves I used … who says leaves have to be green after all!!! Hehe.. I think this color goes well with the color of the tree, brown. The couple is in pink and blue, the boy bird is wearing a black hat of course, little bit of a gentleman, I guess.

So as usual, the card is customizable and the envelope is very simple. Also this works for a birthday of a lover too! You know what to do if you like this card!!!

Card size : 16*13cm
Envelope: Padded 



Another version of HC003


This is the same version as HC003A but with different colors. it looks like that this design is the most wanted one. Most of my customers ask for this design with different color themes. I used soothing and serene colors this time. I find these colors are very relaxing to the eye. used pink as the dominant color and I think the colors have a pastel look.


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