Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Big heart in silver and gold



Phew! This design takes a lot of time to finish!!! I had to draw the lines and flowers very carefully, coz if just one thing goes wrong the whole card would be a waste. It’s very time consuming!! I did this design in two colors, gold and silver! However I didn’t include any wordings because that I think it would be too much. I want the attention to be drawn to the beautiful heart!! He he he! Once again, what is my theme …? Ya to be simple!!!he he … So, no customization available for this card, sorry.

However this card can be used as a love theme card, Valentine day, Lover’s birthday…etc. The envelope comes in white with a piece of gold or silver ribbon. I usually decorate the front of the envelope and most of the time I use ribbons or stripes in colors.

CARD CODES: Gold - VC002G, Silver - VC002S

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