Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hello! Welcome to my shop!

Hello, everyone,

I warmly welcome you to my chamicrafts - handmade greeting cards online shop!!!! Wow!! I finally made it happen!! ‘Coz this has been one of my greatest dreams! Well, let me explain about my blog a bit. The handmade cards that you see here are my artwork and I’m selling them for a reasonable price. My cards are very simple, I also enjoy quilling a lot and I use them on my cards. Each and every single card comes with a matching handmade envelope. The greatest thing about the handmade cards is that you can customize it! That means, unlike the printed greeting cards that you buy at store, you can have the name of your loved ones written on the greeting card! I’m sure the receivers would be thrilled to see their names on the card!! Also, for some cards the inscriptions on the greeting cards are interchangeable!

I will be adding more and more designs from time to time so just drop in regularly, ‘Coz you may find the right design that you‘ve been looking for . So, if you like my blog, just bookmark it!!! he he ! If you feel like it, you can drop your comments about my artwork. Feel free to contact me at my email address chamicrafts@gmail.com.

To get more information about ordering and payments, just click these links.

Payment Method & Delivery Method

Customization, Prices & Ordering


  1. All the best to you Chami! I'll add you to my blog link! ;)

  2. thnx a lot lin i value ur comments! n i thnx for adding me to ur list..


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