Saturday, January 19, 2013

Heart filled with tight rolls - RED

A heart entirely made of tight rolls!! So this is my new trend now… this started when I did a quilled typography wall hanger “MOM”, I used tight rolls in various colors and in combos as well. So now I’m interested in using them for my cards as well! Not a great news for my hands though… making tight rolls is very tiring… my left hand was complaining a lot actually!! Wish we had a machine to roll the strips.. it’s just rolling …rolling ..rolling and *sigh… So once again I’m wandering out of track! So let’s get back to the design at hand!

Did this for a friend and a regular customer of chamicrafts actually! I made it for their anniversary. No wordings on the front of the card, just a big heart with tight rolls in red shades color combo. The background is actually a piece of a wrapping paper, which I love! Inside has a pop up of 5 hearts, coz it’s the 5th anniversary, and the card is blank as usual.. hoping to do this heart again soon..           

CARD CODE:    AC008R             


  1. Your work is beautiful and you have great creative tablets. Love you to visit my blog and follow if you like what you see.

  2. thnx chris, i ll check ur blog as well

  3. Nice design ....
    These greeting cards is inspirational design for any art & craft student ...


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