Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy new year 2013

Happy New Year everyone!! Sorry I’m a bit late with my wishes and I haven’t posted anything since Christmas. I have lots of new stuff to be posted. But I have so busy for the past couple of weeks and I didn’t have time to post them here. I got a large last minute order for new year greetings cards and I was trying to complete them on time. And now I’m full time working, also with the work concerning my degree…. Phew! It’s a handful!! So I will post them all as I get time. The time I’ve got for doing cards is limited now. So please order your cards at least 3 weeks before. I will be only available in weekends for card making.

So this is the largest order I have ever received, so far ! Luckily it wasn’t such a big quantity and we decided to keep the design to a very simple idea as there wasn’t much time to do it. I usually don’t take last minute orders, but it was for a cousin. The design is from the customer and the color theme requested was red-white-black only. Their company logo K needed to be quilled… and here it is!! I made 15 of it, with two entirely different Ks, but each K is unique from other. Envelopes are made with bubble wraps, in white with their logo. Inside message was printed with the wordings he requested. So that’s it!

Catch you later!  




  1. Really Beautiful Designs. I Just Loved it.

  2. These new year greeting Cards is really lovely. Very heart-felting one and looks very cute. Better to consider :) :)
    Happy Holidays !!


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