Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Anthurian flowers..



                     Anthurian flowers for a change!!! Yup I've been doing marquees flowers spiral roses and folded roses all the time... so for a change I decided to do a different kind of flower... Anthurian flowers!! Very easy to make also....!!! I also added different kind of leaves this time... used some wires as the stems of the flowers... This is a custom made order for a friend ! a simple card with a simple design....


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spiral rose vase!


Birthday card with a different design! Since most of the time I’ve been doing same type of designs for sometime… Because many have an idea on what they need… so most of my customers requests a design from my catalogue. I love when someone give me the freedom to do whatever I like! In that sort of situations new designs are born! But at the same time you have a risk that your customer may not be satisfied with what you have done; although that they say “the designing is totally up to you!” they do have some design in their mind!!! But luckily that haven’t happen to me yet….like..” ewww what’s this!! This is not what I ordered!!!!” hahaha!
                Oh I’m going totally off topic!! Well back to the design… yup this is a different design from what I have done already, though the flowers are not new! The vase is made up of coils which are shaped into half round shapes. This is something I tried for the first time. The flowers are spiral roses with green leaves. The title is written in gold and the envelope is pink in color.. this is a birthday card for a girlfriend… and I’m really sorry for my dumb skills at photographing!! The actual card looks much better hehehe….


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