Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wedding Wishes and Bells


yup ! A wedding wishes card !! Got this order from a regular customer of mine... She wanted to have bells with flowers in colors gold and yellow theme. Also the name of the bride and groom written in a corner. But unfortunately I didn't have any suitable gold papers to do the bells... so I had to use glittering orange color.. but I'm not very happy with it...!! Later, I found some good papers at a store. So hope to those bells again in another card.... However she was OK with the bells on this cards , luckily! !!!
I'm sorry about the photos, I was in a hurry to send these card to the customers!!

Just another things, I just reached 10,000 blog views!!!(according to my blog stats) and I'm very very happy about that !! Thanks for reading....!!


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gorgeous Lady..... in RED!!!!


A pretty lady card!!!! I love this card.... !! I actually made it for my cousin sister's birthday... She's turning 21!!! Well, a girl is turning a lady!! So I wanted to do something symbolic as she has reached a certain milestone in her life....!! I chose red cos it also represent love...!  This time no quilling is involved!!! yup only a ribbon flower!!! The dress is metallic red and earrings are silver!!

I also did the wordings inside... "A beautiful girl turns a gorgeous lady" !! Simply that's the whole idea of this card.... Well Guess this card is also suitable for a love theme card too...


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday....


 This is a request from a friend. I actually did the same kind of design with a different color theme for another order from her. All the flowers are in metallic colors. I outlined the wordings to add more glitter, as if there's not enough glitter.... hehe


Anniversary card..


I hope yo can remember this design before.... it's the same as VC003A but only with different wordings.... My friend asked the same design to be done  for her anniversary.... Check the previous design HERE...

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