Saturday, December 24, 2011

Birds in love....


 Merry Christmas everyone!!! Hope all of u guys are having a great time and enjoying the christmas!!. I don't have any designs for the Christmas though! Sorry guys had no time to do one. Anyway i want to share with you this couple of birds in love!!!

 So, this is a wedding anniversary card. This card is a fully designed card, both inside and outside. I usually do a complete design on the front of the card and use a simple pop up inside. But this time I created two scenes both on the outside and the inside. On the front you can see couple of birds in a swing. The couple is so madly in love!!! Hehehe… well I think that’s what marriage is about!! My client wanted a card for their 2nd wedding anniversary; it’s for her husband of course. So the idea that kept running in my head was “a couple madly in love”…heehe.. So instead of a human couple I chose a bird couple!! 

On the inside I created a night scene with the two birds in love, the boy bird is holding a rose in his beak and the girly one which is wearing a white ribbon is singing “it’s our 2nd wedding anniversary…” hehe…. I used this dark blue color for the background, with a few silver stars and clouds with a glittering moon! 

On the front instead of using green for leaves I used … who says leaves have to be green after all!!! Hehe.. I think this color goes well with the color of the tree, brown. The couple is in pink and blue, the boy bird is wearing a black hat of course, little bit of a gentleman, I guess.

So as usual, the card is customizable and the envelope is very simple. Also this works for a birthday of a lover too! You know what to do if you like this card!!!

Card size : 16*13cm
Envelope: Padded 



Another version of HC003


This is the same version as HC003A but with different colors. it looks like that this design is the most wanted one. Most of my customers ask for this design with different color themes. I used soothing and serene colors this time. I find these colors are very relaxing to the eye. used pink as the dominant color and I think the colors have a pastel look.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Two hearts in love...


Hey guys…… Do u remember me???? Hehe…I guess Chami crafts could be forgotten by now… I’m extremely sorry guys…! I’ve been super busy recently…having exams and ….all.. yup that’s what I always say!!! EXAM!!! Well I’m happy to announce that finally it’s over and I’m free like a bird!! So that means I’m ready to adventure the Crafts World! Hahahah! However I managed to do a card for firnd who is also a regular customer just before the exams and I wasn’t able to post it here though..
So hee it is… she wanted a card that looks the same as AC002R but with teo hearts not one. So it designed two hearts using spiral roses but there wasn’t enough space to write the words I had to write it on the bottom of the card… 

Since the hearts looked a bit empty I added another heart with a red color ribbon. It’s a simple card… not too many items on it, the inside consists of a pop up with two hearts….
Well that’s all I have for now.. but hope to do more designs and try new things cos now I have lots of free time….I’m also hoping to do some tutorials, too. Well then catch u all soon…J


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Butterfly card


I can’t believe I finally managed to finish this card!!! Phew!! this card nearly made me go crazy….hehe.. This is a very hard design to do..very time consuming..lots of things that can go wrong….ooooh! Seriously , this is the first time I tried to do something so complex…. The thing is this card is about symmetry.. you have to try to make the both sides look similar! And that is the hard part!!! Cos spirals you make do not like to stay the same size… At first I had to brainstorm to decide the colors for this design…but then I decided to do it in two tones, since I had limited time to finish this order. However had I been selecting colors to do this design then I would be still choosing colors! Hehe So to make it simple I decided to go with these two colors.
Fist I had to draw the design and copy it on to a tracing paper and make a sketch on the card, rolling spirals and gluing them onto the card was nerve wrecking!!! Hehe.. Since there isn’t much color I added some silver to give some shine. And I managed to do a pop-up too! 

The inside and the outside of the card is very different to each other.. The idea behind the card was, the front is the gate to another special world …when you open it you go to the world of love, the world of you and me!! Hehe that’s the why the front of the card is “elegant” and the inside is somewhat cartoon type…. 
Te wordings are done on the inside, cos there is not enough space to write on the front!! So I added "Happy birthday My sweetheart "on the inside.

 Anyway, I love the couple on the flower cloud… this order is from a friend of mine… it’s for his for a girl friend actually… I wanted to do something I haven’t done before , so this is totally a new concept from me.. And out of my comfort zone!! Hehe Anyway I’m happy with the final product and this is the most expensive card chamicrafts have from now on.. Also the largest there is!  However I hope to try this again  with colors added to the butterflies…when I have free time!  


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blue and white....2


Sorry I’ve been silent for a long long time… well I had to face my final exams at the university and finally…they are OVER!!! Phew! …hehe anyway… I’m happy to say that the blog giveaway prize reached the rightful owner safely…hehe I was a little worried ..thinking someone might snatch it…hehe

So about the card above… it is another version of the blue and white tone card I made earlier..Similar to the one that I gave way for the blog giveaway.. Everybody seems to like the idea of blue and white…. Nothing too much to say about the card…. However I did a little bit of a pop-up, too!!!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

The prize...

             This is the prize the for the lucky winner of my first blog giveaway!!! Happy to tell you that the card is wrapped and posted to the lucky winner along with a little note card!!! It's packed with bubble wrap to protect the card. I hope she will like it and use it wisely...!! hahahhaha!!!!

and that's all for today!!!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The lucky winner isssss...............

           Hey what's up folks??? Well, I'm very excited today...nope..I was more excited yesterday !!! Why?? Coz I had to choose the winner for my first blog giveaway!!! Yup!! however only a few people participated in my blog giveaway.. not what I expected though...anyway big thank goes to all who joined my blog giveaway!!

                      Well, I decided to use the most randomized method to choose a winner.. since I'm studying statistics, it will be totally disappointing to use the usual old method which is picking a piece of paper from a bowl!! yup ! So I used random integer generator ...well first I ..... mmmm... no...I don't want to bore u with all the details...

                and the lucky winner isssss.............. (drumroll).....

" Shankari Balakrishnan "  

Congratzzzzz shankari, u just won a free beautiful card from Chami Crafts!! check ur mail and please respond to my email within 2 weeks to claim ur prize! You will get the blue and white color card just as I promised!!!!

Thanks again to all the people who participated, and better luck next time!!!!

The blog giveaway is closed!!

              The blog giveaway is now closed and nobody can join anymore.  I'm having a bit of a difficulty with my internet connection at the moment and I will announce the winner in the evening, today.   Sorry, for the delay!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Quilled heart in Red and Pink...


This is one of my favorite and most time consuming card actually!!! Yup but I do love it ..Worth all the time spent making it….!! It’s a love theme card and a birthday card, an order for a friend’s boyfriend actually… This is also a kind a two tone card… with pink and red!! Getting all the loose coils and heart shape has been such a tough job! And then I did a little pop up inside with a cute little “I love u” note and two hearts… the hearts indicate the couple actually … the boy with a bow and the girl with a flower on her head! The pink ribbon that’s running on the front of card is holding the love u note and the hearts!   
The envelope is in red and padded to protect the quilled shapes.. the card can be customized…


Friday, July 1, 2011

My first Blog Give away!!!!!

Hello folks!!! Today I'm in a very good mood!!! That's because I got my exam results with flying colors!!! Well to celebrate that, my 1st blog anniversary, and my upcoming birthday in August  .. I have decided to host a Blog giveaway!!! I've always wanted to host a blog giveaway!!! and here goes my first one!!! yup!!
Well guess what I'm giving away... This beautiful blue color card's actually done using blue and white only!! I'm hoping to do this card with other colors too using only two tones...

The prize...

So I’m giving this card totally free to the winner of my first blog giveaway!! So what do u need to do in order to participate my giveaway?? Well simply follow the following rules and that all….
  1.   Click the “Follow” button to be a follower of my site. ( you will earn one entry for this )
  2.  Then post a comment to this post, with your name and valid email address.  If you are already a follower then post a comment with above details.
  1. Be a follower and then you need to write something about my blog giveaway along with the above picture and provide a link to my blog in your respective blog. Post the above photo with a little description and don’t forget to link the photo to my blog. (you will get 2 entries for this) 
  2.  Then remember to post a comment to this post with a link to your blog, your name and a valid email address, so that I can check If u have done the above steps and you will be a participant then.
    That’s all! And viola! You might just win the prize!! coz I will be choosing one lucky winner from the lot randomly!!!  The closing date is July 31st… so hurry up! ! !

    P.S. :  Please remember I will only consider the people who post comments to this post... the current followers are not eligible for the giveaway unless they post a comment here.

    Thursday, June 30, 2011

    Blue and white....


    Two tone color card!! Just blue and white !!!  It feels like being in the sky  !!Can’t believe how beautiful and serene it looks only with two colors!!  I'm hoping to do this card with other colors too using only two tones... I’m going to use this card for something …up… you will get to know about it in my next post…

    Padded envelope is provided for protection of the card. I made it to be a birthday card.. but looks okay to turn it into a thank you, mother’s day card…etc..


    Monday, June 27, 2011

    Colorful Hearts Card...


    Here I am…after some time!!! Well it’s been a long time since I made this card but had to wait to until the card is given to the intended person and ….. Well, anyway as you can see this is a card for a lover…yup that’s why lots of hearts!!!  This is actually an order for one of my good friends / a regular customer…..and it’s for her boyfriend who is again a good friend of me!
                    Sometimes I have no clue when it comes do masculine cards…just “a shirt and a tie” card can be seen most of the times...but when it comes to love , I don’t think that’s enough! So I decided to go a safer way…with hearts!
                    Here I used a white color card to emphasize the colorful hearts…choosing colors for the hearts had been a little difficult..let alone deciding the designs for each heart! The soft blue heart is decorated with some white tight coils, tiny red beads on pink heart, piece of gold code on the yellow heart, pink glitter on red heart, more glitter on orange and yellow heart, tiny ribbon rose on soft green heart with silver line!!!!!! There goes my hearts!!! Phew! This car comes with a red padded envelope. As always, this card is open for customization!! 

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