Monday, June 27, 2011

Colorful Hearts Card...


Here I am…after some time!!! Well it’s been a long time since I made this card but had to wait to until the card is given to the intended person and ….. Well, anyway as you can see this is a card for a lover…yup that’s why lots of hearts!!!  This is actually an order for one of my good friends / a regular customer…..and it’s for her boyfriend who is again a good friend of me!
                Sometimes I have no clue when it comes do masculine cards…just “a shirt and a tie” card can be seen most of the times...but when it comes to love , I don’t think that’s enough! So I decided to go a safer way…with hearts!
                Here I used a white color card to emphasize the colorful hearts…choosing colors for the hearts had been a little difficult..let alone deciding the designs for each heart! The soft blue heart is decorated with some white tight coils, tiny red beads on pink heart, piece of gold code on the yellow heart, pink glitter on red heart, more glitter on orange and yellow heart, tiny ribbon rose on soft green heart with silver line!!!!!! There goes my hearts!!! Phew! This car comes with a red padded envelope. As always, this card is open for customization!! 



  1. thanx a lot nadee and mahmood...welcome to the site!

  2. hey it is really beautiful but what is the paper's name that u have used to make the beautiful cards????

    1. These are just usual color A4 you find at the stationery store.. thanks ranja!


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