Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Birthday Card & Anniversary Card



Happy birthday card is one of my favorites. I love the colors used here, shades of yellow, peach, orange & green!! A sweet color combinationJ I also added two small roses to give a variety to the flowers. Gold 3D outline is used to mark the oval and the wordings are done in black.You can add the receiver's name here. However I added some gold to the letters by giving a gold outline for some letters. It comes with a yellow and padded envelope. I hope you will like this card. Because that most of my friends choose this as their favorite!!
The other card is also of the same type but with a different color combination and the orientation is changed to landscape. I guess that way the card looks even better. After I made the first card, I looked at in different angle, by rotating it 90 degrees. Then it hit me that this would have look better if I changed the orientation to landscape… but too late cos the design is already done!!! He he so I created another!! That’s how “Happy anniversary” card was born!! Hehe… However, the first card still looks better for me!!!
Anyway, the bottom line is that if you wish, the orientation of the card can be changed, landscape or portrait!!! This card comes with a pink & padded envelope. Both of these cards are customizable. The title can be changed and names can be added.
CARD CODE: Birthday card- HC003A , Anniversary card- AC001A


  1. So sweet cards, I love them!!! I like the colors you have used.


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