Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Closed down temporarily...

Hello my dear fans....

It's been a while since I blogged or posted something new....I'm sorry about that.. I had to face an unexpected situation recently. My father passed away in November, unfortunately. I've been going through a lot at that time so that I couldn't post anything here and there was no time to craft. Plus, I'm having semester end exams at university in January (there goes the new year..!!! ) so I'm very busy at the moment with science and no time to do craft at all!!! So, I'm forced to close down chami crafts for a little while.. well until February!!! In addition to all the problems that I'm facing now... my PC is also not working..:((
               I still have some new designs that I completed long ago but not yet posted!! I'll post them later.. Coz I really need to concentrate in my studies nowadays!! I'm hoping to start crafting as soon as my exam ends!!! However you can still order from me... but I will not be processing them until February.
Till then......!!!!!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another Bithday Card design...


I really can't think of a title for this card.... Frankly no idea whatsoever come to my mind... May be I can call it "an odd design"... hehehe.... Actually at first I was going to make a design of a simple flower with stems and leaves... but then I just tried various designs with these bunny ear shapes by putting them here and there... and that's how this design was born!!!! hehe... However I had to make more of these quilled shapes and leaves.... I like the color combo here..its odd... This is  not the first time I did this color combo... if you check out HC009A , it's the same colors but with different design..
As you all know..like most of my cards... this is customizable... I think I can call this an all occasion card... It's up to you to decide...


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Folded Rose Bouquet...


Here goes another Rose bouquet card!!  However this time I used folded roses! Metallic pink color strips and green stems were used to create the little roses!! I tied a thin white ribbon to decorate the boquet. The greeting is written in silver on a yellow transparent ribbon.
This is another birthday design I did for the shop of my friend!! Everyone seems to love this card!1 Cos I already got more orders for it!!!!
Oh and I'm really sorry photos are not very good sadly...:(

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spiral rose bouquet..


 Here goes another birthday card design with spiral roses!!! I really love this flower! This card is very simple…. A rose bouquet!!! The roses are made from metallic pink color papers and the stems are made from green papers. I tied a golden ribbon and add some flower centers to decorate the bouquet!!
It’s funny how flower centers can be used in various ways, not just to go in the centre of the flower!!!
This card is suitable for an anniversary too…  Envelope is designed with pink and cream color!! I love this envelope!!!!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Garden on a card...


Hello everyone, I’m back with new designs….
I love this card… I love to create scenes on cards!!! I made some flower gardens on my card before. But this is the one I most like…
I love the cherry tree!! Oh if you were wondering What those read things are,,, they are cherries…!!! LOL This design is very colorful and pleasant to the eyes… No bright colors are added..
The three flowers look really nice… It’s a surprise how nice just tight rolls can make real nice flowers!!! I always thought only fringed, spiral or marquees flowers look good!!!! However there were so many things that I wanted to add, but there’s only limited space! I managed to squeeze in a pretty butterfly!!! Now don’t tell me the butterfly is bigger than the trunk of the tree!!! LOL!! It’s an imagined garden!!!
Hope you like this one too… This is one of the designs that I did for my friend’s shop!! Hope his customers will find it nice…and appealing!!! This is perfect for a birthday... but if you wish to change the greeting, can do!!! :)


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crafting is fun…

I’m truly sorry that it took me song long to post anther design! I’ve been having some problems and not to mention that I got ill for a week too… However even though I was silent here I never stopped crafting!!!
I’ve been working on a project for the last few days… I got a big order from a friend, he‘s interested in selling my designs in his shop!!! So I had to make lots of cards for him! However it’s been a while since he ordered my cards, I still couldn’t complete it as I was busy and it’s a good thing he is very patient!!!
Hope his customers will love my cards!!! Hehehe
So, I had fun taking some photos while I craft. I got to warn you a very messy craft table is about be shown!!!

Here goes some of the glitter I bought lately and some of the 3D embellishment glitters I usually use.

Some folded roses with stems made of wire for a project that I’ve been doing…  You can see the design very soon…

If there’s anything about crafting, that I don’t find fun, is cutting the stripes.  I use a paper cutter and a metal rule to cut stripes from colored papers. It’s killing my arms!!:(  !!!! Boy wish I had a paper shredder or someone to cut stripes for me !!!! :)

so, i' ll be back with a loads of designs... just stay tuned!!!! :))

Monday, September 20, 2010

Chemistry- related Invitations


I made these 3 invitations for a party. It’s a party organized by the chemistry society of my university. Since it is for a chemistry related party, the invitations were needed to be chemistry-related too… it was a new challenge for me.. and they wanted 3 different designs. 
So, I used the shape of benzene to create the first one…. used some spiral roses for the second one and the shape of a test tube… I used spiral roses for the third one, too.  I didn’t want to use chemistry only in these invitations.. I wanted to give it a little bit of glitter, color and flowers too… not just test tubes, flasks…etc. J

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Anniversary card with spiral roses...


This one is a custom order made for a friend of mine. she was interested in VC003A and wanted red theme. She wanted "Our first anniversary" to be written on the card .. so I chose red color card stock and two shades of red color to do the spiral roses. Pink color piece of paper is inserted inside and the same color is chosen for the padded envelope.... And this is one of the cards I love so much.....


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Birthday card for a dad...


This is my latest design which I did for a friend at the University. It's for her father's birthday. She wanted to have "From daughters" on the front of the card.  I used my favourite style to create this card. Which seems to be popular with everyone who orders from me nowadays!! Do a design on the middle section of the card and write the greetings on the sides. Then add this lovely code to separate the section!! I just love this style... Every time I create something with this style, I always change the design in the middle. However this is the first time I did a horizontal card with this style.

I love the color combo here.. The flower in the middle is full of vibrant colors.. I chose the same colors to design the envelope too... I chose this design and colors to make it look like that's something made by little girls!! I think it adds childish memories... coz that no matter how old we get we are still little children in our parents eyes!!

Customization is available for this card.... This card is not only suitable for a dad... for a mum or a friend....


Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Birthday....


                                   Hello again!! It's been  while since I last posted something new here. The university started and the vacation is over!! So it's been busy days recently....

                                  This is a design that I did for a good friend of mine who is also a regular customer. She wanted it for a friend and she was interested in HC006B and HC005R So I combined both of them and improvised a little bit! :) The color combination are metallic blue and soft purple. Then added yellow and green also for the flower. I added silver to give it a shine. There is also a piece of soft purple color paper inside to write your greetings.... Envelope is padded and soft purple in color. Customization is available!


Friday, August 6, 2010

A heart of spiral roses


Another "I love you" card.. and I love it!!! Yeah, It's gorgeous!!! It's made of cream colored spiral roses.. on a maroon color card. I love to work with this color..It's  such a rich color..  cream, beige or silver would go nicely with it.. What I most like is the roses.. coz they look lovely.. and my brother said.. wish he could eat them..coz they look like icing flowers!!! hahaha!!! I had to make about 3o flowers for this card.. so it's very time consuming.. 
Once again I used silver to write the greeting... Well Silver seems to go with any color...!! hehe I've been using lots of silver recently!!!
Also I added a cream color piece of paper inside to write your own wordings.. This card comes with a cream colored envelope with some silver heart on it...

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