Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Quilled Wall hanger - Quilled Names

Well folks, how’s everything with you?? Let me tell you what I’ve been doing! I did a huge quilling thing last month actually... it’s not that huge really...but for me it was!! Cos it involved rolling and rolling and rolling!!! He he

So this is my new project! I did a wall hanger using quilling!! I’ve been doing quilling for cards some time... but this is the first time I used it for a wall hanger! This is actually a gift for a newly weds! I made it especially for my sweet cousin Jan actually! “JAN” is the bride’s name and “YAJ” is the groom’s name, in short! He he I wanted to give something that reflects themselves!! And I’m happy cos they are happy with it too!!!

I’m really tired of all the quilled flowers and leaves nowadays so I thought of doing something with simple rolling and swirls!! But believe me… it wasn’t so simple as much as I thought it would be!
The hardest part was to pick the colors…at first it was a rainbow colors...But it looked too complicated so I reduced it to 3 colors finally! Then came the problem of which colors…I had to pick red...cos it shows love...then yellow…cos it’s one of the nicest colors I have in my color palette now..And then I chose green...the color of nature…and voila! There are my 3 colors!! He he

So at first I rolled and unrolled lots of paper coils to make simple swirls, cos I wanted to do a complex design with simple things!! Did that make sense??? He he.. My intention was to create a design that embosses the name of the couple, I wanted to fill the whole things… but again not too complex!! That’s why I used simple form of quilling! Doing the wording a little bit hard...I filled each parts of color one by one...spontaneously putting rolls here and there... I did couple of flowers and heart just to add some variety! 
 The idea was to hide the letters in the quilling jungle! The letters have to blend in with the colors and the design! And it took some time and lots of patience to finish!! But I’m totally happy with the outcome!

Oh and forgot to mention one thing... I made the frame all by myself!! Yup!! I used a transparent sheet instead of glass...and black thick board for the frame.. I’m hoping to do a tutorial on framing later… 

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