Sunday, May 1, 2011

My first pop-up card - with birds singing....... :)


So this is my first attempt in making pop up cards!!! I've been hoping to make some pop-up cards, but never got the time to actually try it. I did a very simple layer pop-up and designed it a with a cake....
Well it takes time to glue all those candles and cake and make sure the cake is glued accurately.. well it's my first try and I'm satisfied with it....

Well, I did this card for a best friend of mine... up she gets to be the very first receiver of a pop-up card form me!!!! Oh, I totally forgot to mention about the front design.... I'm tired with all the flowers and trees and vases!!! hehehe so I'm doing animals now.. so ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for my "singing birds"!!!! heheh
Not many things are on the card... just the way I like it to be.... simple indeed!!! just a piece of the sun in a corner... and the birds are on a branch of a tree. They are singing birthday songs for my dear friend!!!! only a few colors are used, too.
This card is totally customizable cos' this birds will sing any song that u want them to.....:)))



  1. nice cards dear.
    aney please remove the word verification

  2. thnx nadee... ok thanx for pointing that out....

  3. Girl just saw ur blog today ! this is great man!! keep it up I suggest u to go ahead with this hobby as a business

  4. he he ....thanx a lot TG..... yup if u haven't noticed.... I AM doing a business here... i accept custom orders!!


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