Saturday, October 8, 2011

Butterfly card


I can’t believe I finally managed to finish this card!!! Phew!! this card nearly made me go crazy….hehe.. This is a very hard design to do..very time consuming..lots of things that can go wrong….ooooh! Seriously , this is the first time I tried to do something so complex…. The thing is this card is about symmetry.. you have to try to make the both sides look similar! And that is the hard part!!! Cos spirals you make do not like to stay the same size… At first I had to brainstorm to decide the colors for this design…but then I decided to do it in two tones, since I had limited time to finish this order. However had I been selecting colors to do this design then I would be still choosing colors! Hehe So to make it simple I decided to go with these two colors.
Fist I had to draw the design and copy it on to a tracing paper and make a sketch on the card, rolling spirals and gluing them onto the card was nerve wrecking!!! Hehe.. Since there isn’t much color I added some silver to give some shine. And I managed to do a pop-up too! 

The inside and the outside of the card is very different to each other.. The idea behind the card was, the front is the gate to another special world …when you open it you go to the world of love, the world of you and me!! Hehe that’s the why the front of the card is “elegant” and the inside is somewhat cartoon type…. 
Te wordings are done on the inside, cos there is not enough space to write on the front!! So I added "Happy birthday My sweetheart "on the inside.

 Anyway, I love the couple on the flower cloud… this order is from a friend of mine… it’s for his for a girl friend actually… I wanted to do something I haven’t done before , so this is totally a new concept from me.. And out of my comfort zone!! Hehe Anyway I’m happy with the final product and this is the most expensive card chamicrafts have from now on.. Also the largest there is!  However I hope to try this again  with colors added to the butterflies…when I have free time!  



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