Thursday, August 5, 2010

Quilled Thank You Card

Since I've been making lots of Birthday cards and love theme cards, I decided to do a 'thank you'
card.. Also I wanted to use the new square type card that I've used recently.. I love this color combination.. Red and Yellow... I think they go together very nicely.. I love working with yellow..coz I've got more shades of yellow..
The thing is when you are crafter.. you need to have every color.. but unfortunately.. you have to go with what's available in the market!! That is a big problem I'm having now.. I can't have the shades of the color I want.. there's just only few shades available... :( However when it comes to yellow, I can find some shades....
Again I used quilled heart shapes to create the flowers..using the shades of yellow.. The greeting is written in silver.. I think Silver and red goes perfectly well..  so a very simple design with a nice color combo!! I didn't wanna add anything else to it.. cos I don't like crowded cards much.... The envelope is soft yellow and have a little design on the front..

This card can also be customized..with any kind of greeting cards.. it's perfect for a birthday or a mothers' day too...



  1. how to make quilled flower?

  2. search for "how to make quilled flowers" on google... u will find lots of tutorials on this!!! including videos too!!!


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