Saturday, August 20, 2011

The prize...

             This is the prize the for the lucky winner of my first blog giveaway!!! Happy to tell you that the card is wrapped and posted to the lucky winner along with a little note card!!! It's packed with bubble wrap to protect the card. I hope she will like it and use it wisely...!! hahahhaha!!!!

and that's all for today!!!!!


  1. I looooove it ! Eee , I can't wait for that card . :DD

  2. happy to hear that u r so excited!! hope it will reach u soon:))

  3. I'll post it on my blog when I got it ! :DD

  4. Oh that's very kind of u....:)) hope it will reach u in good condition!!!! :))

  5. hey...

    Who is the winner??? It is very good to motivate and inspire the people through some reward.
    Scavenger Hunt

  6. hello anora,

    ya giving out prizes can surely motivate people:)
    the winnder is Shankari Balakrishnan. Read the post below


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