Monday, October 25, 2010

Garden on a card...


Hello everyone, I’m back with new designs….
I love this card… I love to create scenes on cards!!! I made some flower gardens on my card before. But this is the one I most like…
I love the cherry tree!! Oh if you were wondering What those read things are,,, they are cherries…!!! LOL This design is very colorful and pleasant to the eyes… No bright colors are added..
The three flowers look really nice… It’s a surprise how nice just tight rolls can make real nice flowers!!! I always thought only fringed, spiral or marquees flowers look good!!!! However there were so many things that I wanted to add, but there’s only limited space! I managed to squeeze in a pretty butterfly!!! Now don’t tell me the butterfly is bigger than the trunk of the tree!!! LOL!! It’s an imagined garden!!!
Hope you like this one too… This is one of the designs that I did for my friend’s shop!! Hope his customers will find it nice…and appealing!!! This is perfect for a birthday... but if you wish to change the greeting, can do!!! :)



  1. I love these cards nanga.. i like the way you have done the trees. Nice work!!!!

  2. No I'm not..I'm a Sri Lankan..

  3. wow superb...Keep it up...

  4. very nice creation keep it up...

  5. its really good!
    but i think the tree trunk shd hav been quilled too! :)


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