Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lotus Pond


Here goes my first card with spiral roses or lotus!!! I always wanted to create a pond on a card.. Well, I hope this one looks like a lotus pond.. that's why I added lotus leaves.. hehe... I love creating scenes on cards.. I already made few gardens.. and hoping try some other scenes too...

Also I'm trying a new size for my cards... I love this square card.. there's so much space do the design.. I added the greeting in glittering blue.. I got this new glittering color pen set... and I love it.. the moment I set my eyes on it I thought I'm going to buy this whatever the price is!! Luckily it wasn't very expensive!! hehe..

Anyway, I think I like the design that I did for the envelope rather than the design on the card..!! hehe.. It's the most beautiful envelope I made so far... Also there's a piece of soft yellow color inside the card to write your own words... I add some glitter to the corners of the card..just to give some shine...!!

This card would be suitable for a birthday, to say thank you or even for a mothers' day... that is for you to decide!! Just tell me how you want the greeting to be customized!!


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