Friday, August 6, 2010

A heart of spiral roses


Another "I love you" card.. and I love it!!! Yeah, It's gorgeous!!! It's made of cream colored spiral roses.. on a maroon color card. I love to work with this color..It's  such a rich color..  cream, beige or silver would go nicely with it.. What I most like is the roses.. coz they look lovely.. and my brother said.. wish he could eat them..coz they look like icing flowers!!! hahaha!!! I had to make about 3o flowers for this card.. so it's very time consuming.. 
Once again I used silver to write the greeting... Well Silver seems to go with any color...!! hehe I've been using lots of silver recently!!!
Also I added a cream color piece of paper inside to write your own wordings.. This card comes with a cream colored envelope with some silver heart on it...



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  2. beautiful! so happy and lovely!

  3. its nice yr bt yr i want to make this or get this card plzz help me if u can...plzz

  4. sure you can buy this card from me dear... send me an email to


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