Thursday, December 13, 2012

Heart filled with Christmas Colors.... Christmas Combo 2


First of all , I’m sorry it took so long to post my other cards. I was having problems with my internet connection sadly… 

Christmas Combo 2! So what’s Christmas Combo??? Christmas Combo, is my special Christmas cards collection this season! 

 Check out My Christmas Combo 1 , HERE.

So this is second card I’m introducing , A love themed Christmas card.. you know for that special someone… however  this design is still appropriate to be sent to a family member as well. I have only included the greeting as “Merry Christmas”, hence it’s possible to add .. ‘my darling, mom or anything’

The design features tight rolls in Christmas combo colors, forming a huge heart! The photo makes the background heart color as yellow, sadly! It’s actually green ! hmm the cardstock used is of a dark green color, which was in my card-stock for a long time and I’m finally using it! I love that color now! The wordings are written in silver.

Card size is half A4.

Note: This is a readymade card.. So you can order it straight away! NO WAITING!!  

The greeting on the front can be changed as per your wish. Inside is left blank to your write your own message. 

Place an order and I will post it to you straight away.  Allow about a week for delivery time though. Please contact me for details.



  1. please can u tell me that what type of paper do you use for making these tendrils? and from where will i get these papers? please do tell me, i really want to try this. your work is really awesome.

    1. thanks, kumar... these are normal A4 color papers that you can easily find in any stationary shop.. have fun


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