Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Wreath with Gold Bells ... Christmas Combo 3

Christmas Combo 3!! Christmas wreath with gold bells!! I’ve always wanted to do a wreath with bells!! And here it is finally!!! 

So.. the wreath is made of leaves shapes in two different shades of green, the photo doesn’t show the difference much, I guess. Few red tight rolls along with some pearls in gold, silver, white and red are mounted on the leaves. The golden bells are also made of paper, by shaping a tight roll into a cone and then painted with gold.  The whole wreath is mounted on white cardstock. So there it is folks .. my Christmas Wreath!  

Card size is 16cm by 13cm, a bit smaller than the earlier Christmas cards. No pop ups again. Sorry I didn’t have time to do any pop ups. May be next Christmas…

Check my Christmas Combo Card 1 HERE and Card 2 HERE

Note: This is a ready made card.. So you can order it straight away! NO WAITING !! Please note that Customization is not available. Inside is blank for your own personal message.

Place an order and I will post it to you straight away.  Allow about a week for delivery time though. Please contact me for details.


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