Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Combo 1

So folks, are you getting ready for the Christmas???!! Christmas is just around the corner.

If I ask you, “What are the colors that comes to your mind when you say Christmas..??” Red, Green and White! I would like to call it “The Christmas Combo” !!! Yup the only time of the year I can use the same colors over and over is the Christmas season! I haven’t done any Christmas cards before actually , so I decided to give it a try this time! And this is also the first time I’m using this combo. So I made few Christmas themed cards using the Christmas Combo with glitter too!

 My entire last week was spent on doing this Christmas stuff actually… choosing card stock, making bells, quilling of course, cutting little flowers by hands while whishing for punches,   getting glitter on my hands and cheeks…. probably, a little bit on my cat too!! (He has no interest in quilling but likes sleeping in my boxes and on my desk!! )

So.. I’m proud to present you my Christmas card collection! This is the first one!

Tight rolls in red, green and white are mounted on a soft green paper with red and green borders. The card is red and a piece of red ribbon with polka dots is wrapped around white cardstock. The greeting is hand-written in black with a touch of silver. The design is very simple and brings the typical colors of Christmas; red, green and white combined in a beautiful way. 

Inside is blank and no pup-ups sadly :(  Size of the card is half A4. 


Note: This is a ready made card.. So you can order it straight away! NO WAITING !! Please note that Customization is not available. inside is blank for your own personal message.

Place an order and I will post it to you straight away.  Allow about a week for delivery time though. Please contact me for details.

PS: I did some 3D quilling, made a few dolls  and I’m very excited to share them with you , but It will have to wait as “the Christmas Combo ” is my priority right now! 



  1. Replies
    1. thanks annie dear... Merry Christmas!!! :))

  2. I am excited about your card ideas. It would be so much fun crafting. Would love to add them on my Pinterest board. Despite the numerous digital cards, I may say I am still a fan of handmade Christmas cards . God bless you in all you do!


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