Saturday, December 24, 2011

Birds in love....


 Merry Christmas everyone!!! Hope all of u guys are having a great time and enjoying the christmas!!. I don't have any designs for the Christmas though! Sorry guys had no time to do one. Anyway i want to share with you this couple of birds in love!!!

 So, this is a wedding anniversary card. This card is a fully designed card, both inside and outside. I usually do a complete design on the front of the card and use a simple pop up inside. But this time I created two scenes both on the outside and the inside. On the front you can see couple of birds in a swing. The couple is so madly in love!!! Hehehe… well I think that’s what marriage is about!! My client wanted a card for their 2nd wedding anniversary; it’s for her husband of course. So the idea that kept running in my head was “a couple madly in love”…heehe.. So instead of a human couple I chose a bird couple!! 

On the inside I created a night scene with the two birds in love, the boy bird is holding a rose in his beak and the girly one which is wearing a white ribbon is singing “it’s our 2nd wedding anniversary…” hehe…. I used this dark blue color for the background, with a few silver stars and clouds with a glittering moon! 

On the front instead of using green for leaves I used … who says leaves have to be green after all!!! Hehe.. I think this color goes well with the color of the tree, brown. The couple is in pink and blue, the boy bird is wearing a black hat of course, little bit of a gentleman, I guess.

So as usual, the card is customizable and the envelope is very simple. Also this works for a birthday of a lover too! You know what to do if you like this card!!!

Card size : 16*13cm
Envelope: Padded 




  1. What a sweet card , Maneka!
    Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Thanks a lot Mihaela... Merry Christmas to you too!! And happy new year!!!

  3. The best card out of all!!! Love this


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