Sunday, November 27, 2011

Two hearts in love...


Hey guys…… Do u remember me???? Hehe…I guess Chami crafts could be forgotten by now… I’m extremely sorry guys…! I’ve been super busy recently…having exams and ….all.. yup that’s what I always say!!! EXAM!!! Well I’m happy to announce that finally it’s over and I’m free like a bird!! So that means I’m ready to adventure the Crafts World! Hahahah! However I managed to do a card for firnd who is also a regular customer just before the exams and I wasn’t able to post it here though..
So hee it is… she wanted a card that looks the same as AC002R but with teo hearts not one. So it designed two hearts using spiral roses but there wasn’t enough space to write the words I had to write it on the bottom of the card… 

Since the hearts looked a bit empty I added another heart with a red color ribbon. It’s a simple card… not too many items on it, the inside consists of a pop up with two hearts….
Well that’s all I have for now.. but hope to do more designs and try new things cos now I have lots of free time….I’m also hoping to do some tutorials, too. Well then catch u all soon…J



  1. real beauty this one..
    I think this is my frist time in this blog
    so dr i like it.. & i want get it.. how can do it.
    i see u live in kurunagala... so i live in kurunagala...

    if u can if my needs pls do it

  2. Hello, deva welcome to the site!
    Yes you can get this card... I can send it via post if you are interested in buying this card please contact me for more info through my email,

    we can discuss about it...


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