Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Birthday card for a dad...


This is my latest design which I did for a friend at the University. It's for her father's birthday. She wanted to have "From daughters" on the front of the card.  I used my favourite style to create this card. Which seems to be popular with everyone who orders from me nowadays!! Do a design on the middle section of the card and write the greetings on the sides. Then add this lovely code to separate the section!! I just love this style... Every time I create something with this style, I always change the design in the middle. However this is the first time I did a horizontal card with this style.

I love the color combo here.. The flower in the middle is full of vibrant colors.. I chose the same colors to design the envelope too... I chose this design and colors to make it look like that's something made by little girls!! I think it adds childish memories... coz that no matter how old we get we are still little children in our parents eyes!!

Customization is available for this card.... This card is not only suitable for a dad... for a mum or a friend....



  1. dis card is too gud....no doubt in dat....but can u pls tell me how u r making dose roses in AC002R.....

  2. Hi Maneka,

    Happy to see this card again. My uncle really loved it. Thousands of thanks dear.



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