Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Blondie... Paper Dolls

Hi folks...after a long time I'm here..sorry for not writing anything..eventhough I have loads to be posted.... this is one of them, I did this actually last year... but with all the hype with work and studies i got suppper busy! anyway just catching a breath and posting this....

So these are basically made from paper... yup Quilled paper dolls.. one of my proud creations...why I say this is becuase I figured it out to do this myself... I saw some pictures of paper dolls and looking at them, just guessed this is how this and that is done .. and viola! there's a doll!! I didn't use any tutorial.. guess when you get used to quilling..you just sense these stuff!! LOL!

anyway ..so I'm calling her my beautiful blondie.... cos she has blonde hair...so there you go.....! A 99% paper doll.... the rest is just glue....!! :)) cheers!


  1. Wow!It's very beautiful and I know it's very time consuming too. You must have loads of patience to do work like this. Congratulations for your creative talents. I am happy to see another English blog writer.

  2. well done! as a person who self-taught herself, I understand and applaud your achievement! So much work!!!

  3. Hi Maneka,

    I have passed on a blog award to you. Please take a peek at my blog, Thrilling Quilling and pass forward the award.


  4. It looks complicated, but so beautiful. Thank you for posting pictures of your art.


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