Tuesday, January 22, 2013

3D quilled Cake

3D quilling!! Hmm I was never into it until I tried building a house out of paper! I don’t know why I did it but I’m glad I did it coz now I’m interested in doing more!!! So I wanted to quill a cake!! I see that lot of quillers make 3D cakes, so I thought why not! So here I am making a cake! Or is it baking?!! 

Anyway, I had to cut wider strips by hand, which was the tiring part coz now use my paper shredder to cut strips of 0.3mm. I used folded roses to decorate the cake, and think of this as icing on the cake!! 

Well I did more than quilling a cake actually , I made some pretty dolls too.. but that’sgoing to be the next post. I completed these actually in december 2012, but with the christmas and new year i've been a lot busy lately....

PS: I'm sorry about the lousy photos :((( 


  1. luks yummy!!!


  2. I really enjoy looking at your quilling creations-they are very nice


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