Tuesday, November 13, 2012

MOM! Filled with Color!!

MOM!! I made this for My MOM!! She had to spend her 60th birthday in the hospital unfortunately few months ago.. So I wanted to give something special for her belated birthday!! He he I always forget to do my work before the actual birthday hehe ! Because her birthday was in September and I finished this recently!! The hard part was doing this without seen by my mother ! coz it was supposed to be a surprise! Luckily she went away for a funeral for 2 days and I had all the freedom!!

So Quilling typography!! I love it!! This time instead of swirls and spirals of paper stripes I used tight coils in lots of colors!! Since mom is an amazing person I believe you need to use lots of colors to represent her!! I used soft colors for this design. Tight rolls and stripes are used to fill the letters!  Making lots of tight rolls aint that easy !! took me few days to roll them.. Did them while watching my favorite TV serials !! hehe…  I also used 3 fringed flowers , too.  The size of this wall hanger is 22 by 42 cm.

  Oh and I made the White Frame myself! I had made a frame before using a different technique , which I used for THIS wall hanger..It was a bit hard and messy.  But this time , I used a much better technique which I learned from Inna ..  who is a wonderful quiller .. I get lots of my inspirations there …you can check it out HERE. It’s neat and clean!!

Isn't it amazing what these little guys could do....??

 here’s a photo of how I wrapped it! hehe quick and easy ! 

Happy Diwali Everyone!! Sorry I don’t have any cards for Diwali!

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