Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blue and white design

Hello guys.. sorry for being so late to post something.. again!! I do have some designs that I did in January. Really sorry about the picture quality here.. it was a last minute order and I had to do it as fast as possible, and it was almost midnight that I finished it.. then I took the photos, coz I had to post it first thing in the morning! so the photos are not in good quality! Sorry! 
However, the design is done in blue and white, lots of people seems to be digging this two tone idea actually!!! I only managed to do blue & white color so far though! This was a spontaneous design, I didn’t actually draw a sketch or anything.. just worked it as I go along!!! J Turned out pretty though! The two letters, ‘ BB’ was a request from the client and as I didn’t have time to do a pop up, did the inscriptions inside. There was no room left on the front, as the design took whole space!!


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