Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Bro


I just love this card....!! I made it for my brother cos his birthday is coming up!! This is something quite different from what I've been doing lately. I used black cards for the first time here.. and decorated it with this beautiful silver code!! I made (bake) the cake with flowers, piece of a gold linen ribbon and 3D glitter!! I made the candles with strips of yellow paper and quilling!!! I cant get out of quilling! I just have to use it somewhere in the card! :) he he ... Then to bring in the confetti i used scraps of colored paper... The title is written using black out liner and silver pen... The envelope is soft yellow designed with the same piece of silver code.  Yes! Customization is available.... Just let me know how you want it!!!



  1. awesome ideas for someone as lonely nd an art lover as me.. gives me immense satisfaction n joy doing ol dis stuff.. i wud b thankful if u cud tell d quilling n spirals a bit elaboratively.. love ya..

  2. thanks kumkum... Im hoping to add some tutorials , an d I suggest you search the web for quilling tutorials with videos.. :))


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