Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pottery painting

Here goes my triumph at a new hobby… a new craft of course!! Pottery painting!!! Yup..this is something that I’ve been postponing   for quite some time.. ’cos it takes some time to complete the job! These are little pots that contained curd, actually. Since I had a collection of these I wanted to try and turn them into something that’s good looking…   

However this is all about using the things that can found at home. I didn’t bought anything, not even the paint …. Yup this is actually paint that is used to paint the walls… I found some of the leftover paint that was used to paint our house about a year ago. So I used them to paint the pots… and just like the walls double coat was necessary….heheh… See … you don’t need buy everything to enjoy crafting , you can always find something at home…!!!  Now…why I did paint these… ??? well, before they were looking very ugly…not very suitable to be kept on a table… so I painted them nicely and everyone in our house has one or two of these on their table… there are perfect to keep change and clatter around. I gave the big ones to my mom and they are being used to keep spoons and forks….  !!  the ugly  looking these little things came in handy after the new paint job!!!!


  1. thnx a lot mahadhewan... welcome to the site...!:)

  2. You've transformed the pots beautifully! Lovely as candy dish, for flowers, etc... Good work!

  3. Thnx DLSL and pravin .... it was a lot of work...painting pots!!

  4. Nice Work..There will be a good potential ..


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