Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crafting is fun…

I’m truly sorry that it took me song long to post anther design! I’ve been having some problems and not to mention that I got ill for a week too… However even though I was silent here I never stopped crafting!!!
I’ve been working on a project for the last few days… I got a big order from a friend, he‘s interested in selling my designs in his shop!!! So I had to make lots of cards for him! However it’s been a while since he ordered my cards, I still couldn’t complete it as I was busy and it’s a good thing he is very patient!!!
Hope his customers will love my cards!!! Hehehe
So, I had fun taking some photos while I craft. I got to warn you a very messy craft table is about be shown!!!

Here goes some of the glitter I bought lately and some of the 3D embellishment glitters I usually use.

Some folded roses with stems made of wire for a project that I’ve been doing…  You can see the design very soon…

If there’s anything about crafting, that I don’t find fun, is cutting the stripes.  I use a paper cutter and a metal rule to cut stripes from colored papers. It’s killing my arms!!:(  !!!! Boy wish I had a paper shredder or someone to cut stripes for me !!!! :)

so, i' ll be back with a loads of designs... just stay tuned!!!! :))

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