Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hearts Birthday Card


This is my favorite card from now on... I just love this design!! I made this for an order that I got from a friend. This is for her lover's birthday and she told me to do any design I like!! So I thought why make the same designs over and over again .. I tried something new..something involves quilling of course...!!! Since it's for a lover I used these pretty little heart shapes... to create the flower and added some falling colorful hearts,too!! I used a red card.. too emphasis love again ....:)  I think this is the best design I ever made!1 Cos it's so simple..yet so beautiful ... My friend was excited when I gave to her!! I just couldn't part with this... but what to do...!:) I had to give it to her!! :)  This card comes with a red padded envelope! Customization available. You can send this even on Mothers day or Happy Anniversary...or what ever... There's plenty of space on sides to write on. I'm terribly sorry about the photographs . I'm still looking for better places to take photos at my home..


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