Saturday, July 28, 2012

Quilled Pink Elephant


Hey folks !!! what’s brewing in the crafting world nowadays??? Sorry for being silent for a loooong time!!! I’ve been busy for some time…. Well anyway, I’m back!!
Lately I’ve been thinking about baby cards….and just as I was thinking that no one has asked me to do a baby card yet.. a call came from a friend requesting a birthday card for a little girl!!! For her 1st birthday!! I was thrilled!!! However I’ve been brainstorming for ideas for 2 days… and here’s the result!!!
A pink elephant card!!! Yup! Who says elephants are supposed to be black anyway….. I chose the colors pink, yellow and white as the theme colors and animals were chose as the theme. When it comes to creating cards for kids forget the words elegance, glamour and complex art that no one understands!! LOL!! Yup, you can use lots of colors and lots of stuff on kids cards…. being simple doesn’t mean doing one elephant on a plain card!! You gotta add some stuff to it!! Remember you are making the card for the kid…not for the parents!!!
So, the patterned paper of yellow and white flowers on the front was actually created by me… using a plain yellow paper with hand cut small flowers… the pink polka dot ribbon with the elephant adds pink to the card.. The elephant is filled with bright pink open coils.. And if you were wondering what the yellow marquise doing there..That’s the long flappy ears of the elephant!! Hehe.. he’s holding 3 balloons, ‘cos the theme is animal-party thingy … 
The lettered buttons are actually made by me… The inside has a pop-up of a giraffe who seems to be enjoying the party a lot!  and huge gift ! the letters “happy” hangs too…cos this is where the party is!!! And the confetti seems to be just everywhere…hmm a happening party, I guess!!! Hehe. The message is covered with polka dots!
The padded envelope is pink and decorated with some flowers…


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