Sunday, May 23, 2010

Little busy nowadays...

It's been quite some since i've uploaded new designs... i do have some new designs in my mind.. and some are still pending... not finished yet..!!But, nowadays I'm a little busy with the work.... Got some orders to finish.. plus I've got the semester end examinations coming.. at the university... so I'm gonna have to get out of crafty mood for a bit... and get into the mood of 'studying'...!!! hahaha...!!!! Well, I'll upload the new designs when I finish them... keep reading...!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lin Handmade greeting cards bolg give away!!!

This is a blog that i've been reading for some time... And now she's having a blog giveaway...well i hope this time i will win..  anyone can enter it just checkout the link below... and u'll find some interesting designs too...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Check all the designs .. dont miss one...

I've already added about 15 posts and about 15 card designs are available .. check them all don't miss can see the other posts that are not displayed here by clicking the older posts at the end of the page.... If you like my blog be a follower and bookmark it.. drop in occasionally as i will be adding more and more new designs as time permits...

Birthday Card & Anniversary Card



Happy birthday card is one of my favorites. I love the colors used here, shades of yellow, peach, orange & green!! A sweet color combinationJ I also added two small roses to give a variety to the flowers. Gold 3D outline is used to mark the oval and the wordings are done in black.You can add the receiver's name here. However I added some gold to the letters by giving a gold outline for some letters. It comes with a yellow and padded envelope. I hope you will like this card. Because that most of my friends choose this as their favorite!!
The other card is also of the same type but with a different color combination and the orientation is changed to landscape. I guess that way the card looks even better. After I made the first card, I looked at in different angle, by rotating it 90 degrees. Then it hit me that this would have look better if I changed the orientation to landscape… but too late cos the design is already done!!! He he so I created another!! That’s how “Happy anniversary” card was born!! Hehe… However, the first card still looks better for me!!!
Anyway, the bottom line is that if you wish, the orientation of the card can be changed, landscape or portrait!!! This card comes with a pink & padded envelope. Both of these cards are customizable. The title can be changed and names can be added.
CARD CODE: Birthday card- HC003A , Anniversary card- AC001A

Congratulations on Wedding


Phew!!! Finally I finished this one.. This is the most time consuming card I ever did!!! It took lots of time to finish the flower bouquet!! Glittering black and white is used for the groom’s coat and the bride’s gown. I add a silver ribbon to the bouquet and the envelope is designed using the same type of ribbon. The names of the couple and the date of their wedding is written in silver.
Actually I made a similar type of card for one of cousin brothers to congratulate on his wedding. I used the same names here to give you an idea that how would it look with the couple’s names on it. I add flower sequins to decorate bride’s gown. The envelope is padded and pink in color. This card will be a little expensive depending on the time consumed to create it!!!

Flower Pots


Hey.. what do you think about this color combination??? Isn’t it sweet and soft?? I love this card coz it gives a very soft feeling..I made 3 flower pots in yellow, orange and pink. This is an all occasion card, which means no customization, sorry. This card is suitable for a girl’s birthday…well it’s just my opinion.. you can give it to a boy if you like…hehehe… As I said earlier my theme is simplicity and this is one of my simplest idea!! I use quilling a lot these days… so I decided to quill the 3 flowers. Padded Envelope comes in peach color with colorful stripes

Flower garden 3


Here goes another flower garden card.. I love this one a lot cos it’s very colorful! I enjoy making colorful cards cos it gives me the idea that how colorful our world is…. All the colors used here are soft colors, pink, yellow and green. I added a fringed green strip to look like grass, also it gives a raised effect. Wordings are done with a pink jel pen.
This card is suitable for a child because the color combination is sweet and soft. Unfortunately, customization will be hard for this card.. as you can see not enough space to write names on it. However the title “happy birthday” can be changed into “Happy new year” if you wish. The envelope comes in yellow with a pink butterfly.

Flower garden 2


Well, this flower garden is a little small than the one I did before.. well, let’s just say that my flower garden is still growing.. he he… This time I decided to include a ladybug, instead of a butterfly! Hope it won’t eat my flowers… other wise nothing will be left on the card!! Hehehe……
I used dark colors for the flowers like dark red, dark orange and yellow but the leaves are just the same like previous one. I wanted the flowers to look like I turned the teardrop shape upside down. I do hope it looks like tulips!!!! Hehehe..if not just imagine some kind of flower of this shape…!! The wordings are written in gold with black outline. Customization is available as there’s plenty of space for wordings. The envelope is padded and red in color… also another ladybug is spotted on the front of the envelope.. so beware cos it might eat the address too… he he he ….

Flower garden 1


Once again.. another quilled card!!! I badly wanted to create a flower garden on a card… I only used some simple shapes here.. Teardrops are used as flowers.. don’t ask me what kind of flower this is… cos I don’t know…!!! It just came to my mind… and the leaves are done with lots of leaf shapes. I made the butterfly in the corner with orange, red and peach colors, the wordings are done using a gold glitter 3D outliner.
I guess this card would be suitable for a lady. About the padded envelope, well it’s yellow and I used some colored stripes to decorate the front of the envelope. This card is also customizable. Just let me know what you need to be written on it..!!! Well, I’m hoping add more flower garden cards later on…

Quilled design


It took me some time to finish this’s not that easy to align the curly stems of the flowers and glue them on to the card! Cos they just simply refuse to stay!!!he he… Anyway I love it, even though it’s a bit difficult one. This is an all occasion card, which means that it does not have a title and you can send to any occasion…technically that’s what ‘All Occasion Card’ stands for… I think that’s pretty much obvious!! He he..
So.. no customization for this card… as you can see there’s no space left to write the words!!!! But it’s still a nice card.. that would be perfect for.. Mother’s day, Birthday,…etc. A padded envelope which is yellow in color is available for this card. Padding is provided to protect the design from being damaged.


Flower Basket




I just love this card!! It’s one of the best I ever did!!! I‘ve been practicing quilling for some time and here goes the result!! I used metallic orange color for the quilted flowers. The basket is made from handmade paper made by me!! Yup!! I’ve made some handmade paper some time back, and intend to do it more when I got time! Anyway that’s a whole another story!

So about the basket… ya it’s colored in metallic bronze with a gold outline. I used a piece of orange ribbon to tie a bow on the basket. I’ve been dying to use the new embossing color I bought recently…he he… which is “ice sparkle”!! So I used it here to outline the wordings!! I think it looks beautiful… I also made this card in other color types, yellow and red. Unfortunately I don’t have pink cardstock for red color theme, so I had to use white.. but I think it looks ok!! Doesn’t’ it???

All the 3 types come with a matching envelope in yellow, pink and orange with matching ribbons. Customization is available for this card.. you can have the name of the receiver on the card.. or if you wish, the title can be changed into Thank you, Get well soon, Congratulations,…whatever.. but however it depends on the space left for the inscriptions!!

CARD CODES: Orange theme - HC001O , Yellow theme - HC001Y , Red theme - HC001R

Big heart in silver and gold



Phew! This design takes a lot of time to finish!!! I had to draw the lines and flowers very carefully, coz if just one thing goes wrong the whole card would be a waste. It’s very time consuming!! I did this design in two colors, gold and silver! However I didn’t include any wordings because that I think it would be too much. I want the attention to be drawn to the beautiful heart!! He he he! Once again, what is my theme …? Ya to be simple!!!he he … So, no customization available for this card, sorry.

However this card can be used as a love theme card, Valentine day, Lover’s birthday…etc. The envelope comes in white with a piece of gold or silver ribbon. I usually decorate the front of the envelope and most of the time I use ribbons or stripes in colors.

CARD CODES: Gold - VC002G, Silver - VC002S

I love you in gold & silver



Well, here goes my first card! I just love this one. It’s very simple, but still conveys the message!!! Haha! I used gold heart shapes and gold outline to give it a glamorous look! I always try to make my designs very simple. The words are written using a gold pen and just in case if you were wondering whether the words can be customized, yes you can!! If you wish to include the name of your lover, “ I love you john” etc.

The other card, I did it in silver, just for the people who don’t like gold… he he he!! You know some people just don’t like gold, they don’t like to wear gold jewellery and stuff. So here goes a silver card for you guys!! If there’s anyone who doesn’t like either gold or silver.. I don’t know what to do!! He he may be I‘ll try to add some other color later.

Both of these cards come with a white envelope, with a gold or silver line. So if you like this one, you know what to do!!!! He he!

CARD CODES: Gold - VC001G, Silver - VC001S

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